Saturday, November 8, 2014


Well, our latest adventure is MOLD in the bedroom closet.  Tim was putting away some laundry, and found the back wall of the closet black with mold.  Contractor was able to come in a few days to look, and determined the entire back of the wall of the closet was rotted through to the outside, only the vinyl siding and drywall were holding things in place.

Here are some pictures:

Demolition - you can see white exterior framing, and the black is mold of wood and on the cinderblock chimney (the water leaked behind the chimney).

Floor was rotted out too, all of the sills on the baseplate are rotted gone.

What used to be our bedroom!
So Vic brought another guy and his son to help, and they took down the cinderblock chimney and all the rest of the rotted stuff, then started rebuilding, making it weather tight until he could come back.
Staging was required!

Roof was rotted out too, the roof rafters didn't exist at the wall end, they were all rotted gone.

Rubble, Rubble!  Debris from the cinderblock chimney.

Framed in and pretty weather tight (at least, tight enough to last for a few days of rain expected).  It came through the rain with no issues!.

Outside is finished at least for the winter (only chages may be some cosmetic, color on the roof patch).

Now we talk to Vic about when he can come back and finish the inside work.  He'll insulate/finish the closet, and will repair/patch any wall issues in the entire bedroom. 

We've ordered new carpet for bedroom, upstairs hallway, and stairs.  Nice 8 lb. pad, with antimicrobial finish (best for pets). 

We're also painting the bedroom, the wall with the bed will be a darker accent wall, and the rest of the room much lighter.  I'm leaning towards a darker calm blue, very different than the upstairs bathroom.  I haven't yet picked a color, but am sampling several on the walls. 

Tim is also going to get the under bed dressers we've been wanting for a while.

We won't likely get the headboard from this site, but I really like something like this in a light wood:

So, we have lots of changing coming up for the bedroom, might as well get it as we want it, because it's unlikely to get changed for another 20 years.