Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Photos of Dinner

Hi everyone.

It seems that I'm compelled to take pictures of the food we make here at home, and I thought, why not inflict them on the rest of the world?  So, to get started, here's what we made for dinner last night.

Chicken Pot Pie (mostly from scratch)

I used store bought pie crust, and store bought frozen mixed veggies.

We didn't have any celery, but I want to make sure we include celery next time, it adds nice flavor.

And for dessert, I made Orange Sour Cream Cake, a recipe from my childhood (started with an orange cake mix).

To amp up the orange flavor, I zested an entire orange, put the zest in with the dry ingredients and mixed it all together.  The zest adds additional orange flavor to the cake mix.

Then for the frosting, I mixed powdered sugar with the juice that I squeezed from the orange that I zested.  Nice and tangy, but still sweet like an orange.

For Sunday's meal, we're making Stuffed Chicken Breasts from Americas Test Kitchen.    You won't be able to get the recipe unless you're a member, but you can see the pictures of what it's SUPPOSED to look like, to compare with how ours turns out.

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